Monday, October 31, 2011

A Canadian in Australia

Last week proved to be a bit on the really hectic side and blogging had to be interrupted to allow some craziness to take over... but I'm looking forward to a stress free week!

When I arrived from my trip I found 3 more postcards on my mailbox which was actually a great thing {especially for the kind of week I had!}. The one I'm showing you today is from Allison who's from Montreal but sent it from Brisbane, Australia.

Her blog is called The Bacon Eating Jewish Vegetarian which is a space where she explores her greatest passion: Cooking! In here you can find fantastic recipes and images of all the things she tries and if you are somewhat like her maybe you can share some recipes with each other.

As I'm writing this blog on the TV is one of Allison's fellow Montreal chef's and one of my favorites Chuck Hughes on The Next Iron Chef. Aside from the fact that I've met the man {click HERE to see} I love his enthusiasm and have always wanted to visit his highly acclaimed restaurants {images from HERE}.

I fount these amazing images from Le Bremner's website and if a restaurant has such great images... It so deserves to pay it a visit!

Have a great week my friends and let's hope for a fun one!