Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BadA*** November

Good bye October! you were quite an eventful month, full of great and challenging things. Now we open the door to November which will bring us the beginning of the most festive and happy time of the year. Because this is such a BadA*** time I wanted to share with you this image from the postcard Jella sent me.

Her blog is called Honey My Heart and here she exhibits the beautiful jewelry and shares her experiences as an independent designer and everything she loves: family, friends, independent designers and shows, Santa Barbara, food, travel, Los Angeles, creativity and colors.

She lives in Santa Barbara and if you've never been there you should take a trip there and enjoy how beautiful it is. The city is located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains making it an incredibly picturesque place.

A must see in the city is the Mission Santa Barbara, which is a Spanish Franciscan mission founded in 1786 and it is considered a landmark of the area. The interior is decorated with beautiful frescoes and wood carvings that date from the time it was built.

There are tons of movies that have been filmed or set there like It's Complicated with fabulous Meryl Streep, scenes from The Graduate, Seabiscuit, Sideways, and even scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean {the third movie} were filmed featuring the city's sand dunes.

Finally, no talk about anywhere in the West Coast is ever complete with a fantastic shot of the beach... And I dedicate this one to those of you who suffered the snow storm in the North East US this past weekend.

Here's to a fantastic November and rest of the week!