Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where Did Talent Go???

I have a niece who's 12 years old and I love her... and it pains me tremendously that she is growing up in a world where reality TV people are constantly rewarded for their terrible behavior. I thought long and hard about this post but I am worried and sick of this nonsense.

I'm sure most of you over the past few days have heard about the divorce of one of the Kardashian sisters. And if you haven't, then I'm jealous of you... It's even on the financial news! I don't care about what they or any other reality "star" does, but it bothers me that despite the difficult economic situation we are living magazines and TV stations are dedicating countless hours and money to talk about people who contribute in no way, shape or form to our society.

Liza Minnelli and Mikhail Baryshnikov {Image Credit}

A couple of nights ago Jimmy Fallon said that celebrity marriage should be banned. I agree with that and I'd like to add to that statement the media abuse of those of us who don't want to hear about it but cannot escape from it. Also, on Monday a morning TV show was giving mothers ideas on how to dress their children for Halloween to look like reality TV stars {not the talented ones}... Seriously????

I believe that as bloggers we have a voice and all I ask of you today is: if you are tired of this situation, please stop watching all these people who don't have a positive contribution to your life and that of your families. If you are going to "Occupy" something then "Occupy your TV" and what you read and watch, then you'll see what a difference you make!

 Sorry to bother you with this but I know I'm not alone and I believe we don't have to be violent or offensive... we just need to take action so our children don't follow these toxic patterns of behavior.

Have a great day and let's make this world a better place!!!