Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Santa!

Dear Santa: Last year I got 3 out of 5 thing I ask from you which is a pretty good record and they were things I really needed. Here is my list for this year:

That desire closest to my heart... work with the company that will allow me to be the professional and designer I can be.

I know I asked you for one of these last year but since I didn't get it and I looooove ice cream I though about asking for it again. Don't worry about the accessories because those I can get for myself. Also, I want to make some of the great recipes from this BLOG.

Ever since I saw my sister getting this book I've wanted it. It would be a great reference book to take some amazing images on 2012. Maybe, you can through a weekend course with Helene... that would be fantastic!!!

This of course will be to replace my little camera that even though it has been really faithful and there for me, I need to move on and improve in this area... and of course would be a great resource to make Punctuation Mark a better blog!

Finally, I want to get on a plane and see new things, meet new people and eat great local foods... I just want to travel many, many, many times in 2012!!!

Have a great day and hope you're all done with your shopping!