Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Over the weekend I went to an area of Miami called the Wynwood Art District which is an area that counts with over forty galleries, five museums, three collections, seven art complexes, twelve art studios and five art fairs.

The second Saturday of ever month the businesses of belonging to the Wynwood Art District Association host what they call the Art Walk where all the galleries feature work for artists from all over the world. 

I am happy to say that this monthly event has evolved from a small event that attracted those with a funky artistic personality to a community art attraction where you can find the crazies to the eccentrics to art lovers and enthusiasts.

To make things even better there are a wide variety of option to eat and drink... As in many other parts of the US, Miami has become a food truck town and this event is perfect for them, because as you move from one gallery to the next you can enjoy a fish taco, a craft beer and even an Italian ice cream.

As a long time resident of Miami, I am delighted that an event like this has not only brought art for all of the people but has also helped to revitalize a part of town that for many years was considered dangerous and definitely not the place where you wanted to go out at night. This event is proof that the arts bring communities together and help turn depressed cities and neighborhoods into exciting and prosperous areas for business, food and entertainment.

Have a great day and look around because there's inspiration everywhere!