Thursday, January 12, 2012


For the past year I've been the owner of a Rosemary plant. We've had our ups and downs especially because it is difficult to grow anything in my balcony due to the hot Miami sun.

I guess I saw myself taking the little leaves or branches out of the plant in order to make some delicious roasted potatoes or adding it to a pasta sauce... but somehow it's not happening. Also, I love the beautiful color of its flowers so I could decorate napkins when I have dinner parties or putting in the sink for the smell.

Ancient cultures believe that rosemary had to be used by brides and groom alike on the day of their wedding as a symbol of fidelity and abundance - a tradition that has remained until today.

When taken in small doses this fragrant herb has medicinal properties as anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant. I've seen it used in infusions to add shine to dark colored hair  by boiling 2 or 3 sprigs in 1 gallon of water use it more concentrated in inhalations when you have are congested due to a cold. Please be careful because some people have shown to have allergic reactions to this remedies!

Finally, here are a few recipes using this versatile herb: