Friday, January 13, 2012

Thoughts on Friday

This has been another crazy week around here and I'm happy Friday is here so I have a few days to put my mind at ease. This weekend I'm planning to go and see the Iron Lady with Meryl Streep. I guess for those of us who did not live in the UK or were not old enough to understand her, we have a less political view of the movie and will be able to enjoy it much better... ha!

Adding to the craziness this week, Miami Beach was going to restrict surfers from practicing their sport in large areas of the beach and finally it got settled... cheers to those guys who fought and won! On that note, I want to mention to check out the first link to get a good laugh provided to us by the always good looking Gerard Butler.

Here are these weeks links:

Have a great weekend my friends!!!

P.S. I'm on Pinterest now... so check out my boards {pun intended today... ha!}