Friday, February 17, 2012

Chill Out Friday

What a week!!! From Valentine's day to job interviews and a few projects here and there it has certainly been a busy week over here. It has been quite a rewarding blog week too because Valentine's Day post has been one of the most successful amongst you.

This weekend will be quite busy as well because I have to go look for a new point and shoot camera because mine died sometime between the time I came back from LA and last weekend... so, if you have advice please feel free to give it! Also, I'll be spending time with my best friend who's moving to San Francisco to take a job a a nice hotel over there {a bit sad over here}. Finally, I'll be waiting anxiously for Sunday's season finale of Downton Abbey which is pretty upsetting because that means there will be no more for another year of so...

Here are this week's links:

Have a great weekend my friends!