Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Makings of a Cute Story

First of all... I wish everyone a lovely Valentine's day and hope you spend the day surrounded by someone you love, no matter who that person is, your significant other, family member, or a friend!

For a few days I've read all over the web people's  beautiful love stories and have to say my siblings have some pretty nice ones themselves... All this got me thinking! As many of you know at this moment my head is 100% on the job hunt but on my last trip to LA my focus was sort of interrupted and that inspired today's post.

A few months ago while still on school, my friend D sent me and email about a job {with the company I've been wanting to work with all this time} in which he told me to contact a friend of his to find out more about it. I knew it was a long shot because I didn't have as much experience, but I decided to give it a shot and contacted D's friend... called Mr. C!

After a few emails back and forth I was able to talk on the phone with Mr. C and he said he was going to send my information to the person in charge, and if I needed anything else to just to let him know and he would be glad to help {so nice of him!}. Besides that, my friend G knows Mr. C and emailed him about me to put in a good word and give me an extra push to get the position.

That position didn't work out and I'm concentrating on the one I'm perfect for. For that reason a few weeks ago I traveled to L.A. to attend a hospitality conference, and over the next couple of days I networked with the best people in the industry. I caught up with D at a party for the company in question, then a tall guy passed by us and D pointed out he was Mr. C... both me and my eyes were very pleased!

I liked what I saw... tall, slender, blue eyes, pin stripe suit, black rimmed glasses and a great smile {and he works for the company in question!}. Throughout the course of the night I saw him talking to different people here and there but not with anyone who could've introduced us. Even though we had spoken on the phone before I could not gather the courage to introduce myself. Sometime before the end of the party, a small chance of getting introduced presented itself but my shyness got the best of me and it passed me by...

When I returned to Miami I found out through G that Mr. C is single {those are good news!} but when I thought about it there was nothing I could do with that info because he lives in NY... and well, I don't. I'm still trying to get the job at the company in question and I thought it would be kind of a bonus that someone like Mr.C is already there...

Who knows what's going to happen! But today, I think this story has the potential to be a really nice one if the wind blows in this direction... so I'll cross my fingers and will keep on checking the weather!

I wish all of you lots of love today and tons of great stories in the future!