Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine's Stats

I'm so happy all of you liked yesterday's story {click HERE to read it}... I have to say it is one of the most liked posts since I started writing this blog over 2 years ago. Now that all the frenzy and excitement of Valentine's day is over I thought it would be fun to know a few facts about this busy day.

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On a survey this year, New Yorkers said that they were planning to spend about $150 on a Valentine's day meal compared to $50. Then add to this that each person spends about $126 {up 8.5% from last year} on a gift for their significant other.

On this day splitting the check is a bit "NO" but still 11% of people said they do... maybe that's all the singles girls treating themselves to a girls night out. On the opposite end of the spectrum 83% of the people who dine out are married.

On this day people exchange an average 180 million cards... only in Christmas people exchange more {sorry I don't have the number for that one!}. Out of all of those about 50% of the cards are purchased at least 6 days in advance.

2.1 million marriages were registered to happen last year on Valentine's day, but this year the number was expected to increase because many consider the year of the Dragon to be a lucky one for love.

It is estimated that on the week leading to Valentine's day people spend $1.5 billion in chocolate, which equals to 58 billion pounds {not a typo there!}. Many of those pound will be packed in 35 million heart shaped boxes that are sold for this occasion.

The item tat cannot be absent is flowers... 110 million flowers {most of them roses} will be delivered a few days before or on Valentine's day. Men are estimated to buy 73% of those roses and 27% will be women to amount a grand total of $17 million.

Hope everyone had a lovely day and that you have recovered from your chocolate coma!