Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coming Up

For weeks I've been talking about changes for 2012 and I have finally finished all of them. As I mentioned to you {and you've seen in online} the whole look of the blog changed and hope you're liking it; besides that I'm working on setting up other articles that I hope you will like as well.

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 The first project will be fun one in which I hope you will be part of. As many of you know, I'm an interior designer and have done design for different industries from offices to houses and hotels {which have a sort of residential element in them }. As you can imagine, people all the time are asking me for advice on this or that and because of that I've come up with this idea!

I would like to invite those of you who are looking into designing a room in your house or office to let me know and we'll work together to create a great space... Due to the time one of these project would take I'll start taking one project per month. If you are interested EMAIL ME and we can talk about in more detail how this project will work out... Hope you join me in this!

On a similar note, I will be exploring the world of color through paint and photography... the idea of this monthly project will be to find ideas about color that can be taken to reality in a very easy way.

Finally, I am working on interviews from people to cover the topics I like to talk about in this blog... like travel, health, beauty, and design amongst other things. 

Have a great day and look forward to hear from you!

PS... I added a blog roll tab to the blog in order to include all of you who have included me on your blog rolls... So, please let me know if I'm part your blogrolls so I can reciprocate the honor!