Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Today in the US is the day when a little guy called Punxatawney Phil predicts how much longer the winter is going to last...

This year marks the 126th time that the little groundhog comes out of his hole and if see his shadow it means that winter will last 6 more weeks other wise it will be an early spring. Since then many towns have created their own "groundhog" tradition but the original, the one from Punxatawney {in Pennsylvania!}, is the one that attracts the most amount of people.

Even though I know many of you would love for to have warmer temperatures, I hope winter lasts a bit longer or actually decides to come because the lack of snow is causing tremendous havoc to water supply in California, birds are migrating up to a month before they have to and crops all over the country are suffering. 

Another industry {one that I love!} suffering is hotels that rely on snow and tourists who visit them to enjoy and practice winter sports...

Have a great day and hope for a few more snowy days!