Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Places

The other day I showed you the pictures of my little trip to Milk Bar but the adventure didn't end there... The original trip started as we embarked on a mission to visit the Brooklyn Flea Market, but somehow failed to realize that because of the weather this time of the year they hold it indoors.. UGH!

Since we were already there we decided to head over to the Williamsburg area {where Milk Bar is} and realized that it's not just full of great stores, restaurants and coffee places but also a great place to live if you want to live close to the city but far enough from it too.

Places like this have always appealed to me because they are the perfect combination of modern living within a vintage environment, all of which is quite foreign to me. As I walked around it enticed me more than ever to one day move to a real city {Miami is still a pretty small town} and take advantage everything that urban living has to offer {I'd love to get rid of my car, BTW}.

There is something I've always envied of places where you have your neighborhood bars, restaurant, stores and the like, so you can walk into any of those places and just be there comfortably. I love the characters you can find here, the original ways in which people go by their everyday lives, and how entertaining people watching can be.

Have a great day and enjoy your neighborhood... who knows what you might find there!