Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smell of Chocolate

Yesterday I talked to you about my trip to Williamsburg in Brooklyn... as we were walking around getting to know the neighborhood, we came across a place that we could smell a mile away. When we arrive to the place where the amazing place was coming out of we discovered a place like no other I've been.

The place is called Mast Brothers, which are the two guys who started making chocolate out of their apartments and today are the talk of the town. In here you can actually the whole process of chocolate making from the cacao bean all the way to the finished chocolate bar.

The place is an open factory where you can not only find the different varieties of chocolate but you can also see the bags where the beans are stored {and where they are packed to be shipped to the US} piled all over the place as if they were props.

They blend in here chocolate with other ingredients that they source from farms and organizations in order to offer original pairings like the ones you would get with Maple syrup or sea salt. Of course, the chocolate comes from all over the world but that is not the amazing thing about it... the amazing thing is that they are  bringing a large part of it by wind powered boats and the plan is that within a few years all their ingredients will be brought to them that way.

And to make things even better they make cookies and truffles!!!

Have a sweet and delicious day!