Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time for Playtime

As I continue to relate to you about my trip top NYC last week I want to show you what I saw at one of the shows, which by the way I thought was very cool. This show is called Playtime and what we love about it is the amazing displays the organizers put together with products from all the different vendors who attend.

This time the displays were all about the colors of winter and somehow I though everything looked vibrant and cheerful unlike other times when the colors are all muddy and sad... and who wants to dress up a child in a sad color!

This display above was my favorite because it felt really playful and displayed and wide range of products that not only appealed to the buyers but it was also attractive to the few little ones that were walking around.

Just like the show I attended with my sister {click HERE to see a post about it!}, this show showed some of the cutest outfits for kids and those who attend come from all the world with creations I wish were also made for us, grownups!

They say designers can design anything and the this installation was made by one of the designers exhibiting artwork for children's room. It was really cool because it was all made using recycled newspapers and clothes from other exhibitors.

Have a great day and let your imagination fly!