Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blue Destinations

This week is shaping to be a blue inspired one. As I looked into yesterday's post I had a hard time deciding on the content and because I love traveling so much, I thought we all could use a little daydreaming to a few relaxing places.

Blue Lagoon Iceland is located in Iceland and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. It is a geothermal spa with warm waters that are rich in silica and sulfur which are know to be great for people suffering of skin conditions. The whole project is environmentally friendly and the heat produce in the area is used to produce electricity {healthy and sustainable!}

Santorini is a Greek island part of the Cyclades and it's believed that it was formed as part of the remnants of a large volcanic explosion. The island is know for it's beautifully villages that overlook the sea, small wineries and characteristic architecture white buildings crowned by bright blue domes.

Capri is an island that belongs to the province of Naples in southern Italy that has been a resort destination since the times of the Roman Republic {509 BC thru 27 BC... long time ago!}. The island is famous for it's Blue Grottos, the town of Anacapri, world class marinas, and Roman ruins.

Fjords Norway is the largest collection of glacial formed salt-water filled valleys and one site named by UNESCO as World Heritage. The best way to explore them is by water to enjoy the snowed mountains, steep mountainside and exuberant wildlife. They are highly visited during the summer months because they enjoy of abundant sunlight due to the midnight sun.

I leave you with this amazing images of the W Retreat and Spa in the Maldives... I can see myself here!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!