Monday, April 9, 2012

The Blues

One of the most popular colors out there I've always found blue a color that I associate with the summer skies, the cool water of the pacific and a cute boy's eyes {seriously!}... Maybe because my first language is not English, it has never meant feeling upset because it reminds me of too many beautiful things.

The many uses of blue have many different purposes depending on the effect you want to have on others. Blue is one of the colors of summer because it cools down spaces from the summer heat. Think of navy, turquoise and watery shades of blue.

House in the island of Filicudi, Italy {Image Credit}

Shades of blue are used in places like spas and bathrooms because of their calming effects and associations with water. The color can be used to cover entire surfaces like bathroom enclosures, tile accents, or accessories.

Even though many associate blue or baby blue with men, it is considered to be one of those colors to appeal to both genders. Many of you I'm sure agree that navy is a great alternative to black as it is equally elegant and less severe. Also, a blue pin stripe man's suit or a blue tie give you the impression of a distinguished and stylish man.

Blue has always been associated with royalty {blue blood anyone!}, it has religious connotations {Vishnu, the Virgin Mary, the Torah, and Zeus/Jupiter}, it represents the fifth or throat chakra {wear turquoise or aquamarine}, and in many cultures it is believed to combat the evil eye {those glass charms used in houses and bracelets}. 

Finally, if you were wondering about the meaning of "something blue", it comes from an Old English rhyme and it symbolizes purity, love, and fidelity.

Have a happy Monday!