Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Salt to Taste

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I love to cook, but somehow I have been too busy with other things so I stopped doing it for a while... until last weekend when I decided enough was enough and got myself back in the kitchen.

One of the things that cannot be missing in my kitchen is salt. I have these restaurant sized containers {given to me by a friend who's a chef!} with fine and coarse sea salt that I love because I used them very differently. The fine one I use when I'm done with a dish and the coarse as I cook so dissolves slowly are help release the flavors that I want to enhance.

When using salt make sure to start with a pinch or two and then taste your food and if you think it needs more add little by little until you reach the desired level of saltiness. Also, remember to use it in moderation and to enhance the flavor of your foods... your body needs just a little bit of sodium {helps in the transmission of nerve impulses} but too much can have bad effects of your body like water retention {see more info HERE}.

If you are adding salt to raw foods before cooking them like salmon or meat, do it right before you put them in the grill that way it won't lose any moisture, instead the flavor will be enhanced. 

A common use of salt is to encrust meats, vegetables and fish. This technique is ideal when you want all the flavors to be contained inside the salt and egg white crust and at the same time steam is created inside allowing the meats to cook faster in it.

There are several varieties of salt and their flavor depends on where they come from {like Pink Himalayan}, or where they are extracted {like Sea Salt or Rock Salt}, and their textures which is the main difference between Kosher {preferred by cooks everywhere!} and fine table salt.

Have a great day!