Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Salt to Beauty

Salt not only enhances the flavor of your food but it is also used in various ways to enhance your beauty. It can be used as an exfoliator, a cleanser and even as a mouthwash.

For a bright smile combine one part of salt to two parts of baking soda {make sure you pulverize the salt} and brush your teeth with the mixture which helps whiten teeth and it doesn't irritate your gums.

There is nothing more invigorating than a good scrub and salt is the perfect thin to do just that. You can use it as is after you shower while your skin is still moist or you can use a scrub made with salt and essential oils {see recipe}. It is best to scrub first things in the morning that way you stimulate circulation and helps you wake up.

Salt can be dissolved in warm water to make a soaking bath to alleviate tired feet, reduce eye puffiness {1tsp per pint of hot water, apply with cotton pads}, relieve bee stings, relieve itchy skin {add 1 cup to bath water}, and as a facial/toner when combined with equal parts of olive oil and messaged gently on your skin.

One of the coolest uses of salt is to mix is with water and essential oils to achieve that sough after "Beach Hair". I have never tried it with salt but I have used the sprays they sell {very fancy I know!!!} but have always wondered what it would look like to try one of those recipes {Recipe 1, Recipe 2, Recipe 3}.

Have a great day and remember that there's more than one way to do things!