Monday, May 21, 2012


It has officially begun with the arrival of the Olympic Flame to the UK last week carried by a very well dressed David Beckham. And talking about well dressed people, there has been a lot of talk and unveiling of Olympic uniforms lately, and some of them carry some big names with them.

Stella McCartney designed the uniforms or kit for the British team but somehow her designed has been quite controversial. Despite the fact that she did used the flag as her inspiration critics has questioned her creative use of it as they have little red in them. The three colors on the flag represent the union of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Giorgio Armani, a sports fan, designed the uniforms for the Italian team. One of the notable details of the uniforms is that they have the lyrics of the national anthem printed or phrases stitched on them.

Team USA will be sporting Ralph Lauren's designs during the closing and opening ceremonies as well as some other accessories through out the whole Olympic games. Don't they all look like models? These guys in the image are all athletes!

I love how colorful are the uniforms for the German Olympic team. Athletes from the team presented the uniforms in Dusseldorf and even though there is no mention of who was responsible for the design I think they are a lot of fun.

The athletes uniforms for the Australian team will help them perform better because they are made with high tech materials. For the opening ceremony, they'll be wearing a uniform that makes them look quite elegant and cosmopolitan.

Have a great Monday and start of the week!