Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lemons Anyone...

I don't remember when was the first time I tasted limoncello but I do remember the last time. It was this past Easter Sunday brunch when my friend Sal {a real Siciliano!} presented me with a little glass filled with the thick bright yellow liqueur that ended my 40 days of lent.

Limoncello is typically produced in southern Italy and some parts of southern France. There are mainly 3 ingredients involved in the making of it: alcohol {many people use grain or vodka}, sugar, and of course - lemons! The way to serve it is chilled in little cordial glasses as an aperitif {after dinner drink} which is a great way to end any meal... especially during the summer months.

If you are a little crafty {not too much} or can't find a nice bottle out there you can always make it at home. All you need is the 3 ingredients and a little patience to way for the limoncello to be ready - from 1 to 4 months... I know it's a lot but it's really worth it!

Have a great and refreshing day!

PS... G this post is dedicated to you... thanks for your friendship!