Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Days

The fourth month of 2012 is behind us and I welcome with open arms the month of May. As I look into the month of April and reminisce about everything happened the one thing that was a constant was friendship.

April goes out with a bang where I got to mingle with amazing bloggers from Miami, spend quality time getting know more of one of the most fabulous hair stylists I know, got an update to my look, got invited to an event that eventually will lead me to bigger and greater, and got to enjoy eyes so blue that left me speechless.

May will bring a visit to a new city {more of that later}, get to see old friends from afar, seeing my family, mingle with people that will make a difference in my future, and most definitely "butterflies" in my stomach and speechless moments.

Finally, to those in the West Coast of the US and Canada, South of Japan and parts of China there will be a Solar Eclipse on May 20th. So mark your calendars so you can enjoy it!

Have an amazing May full of blessings and happy moments!!!

PS... Happy Labor day to those celebrating it today!