Friday, June 8, 2012

Back On Friday

I'm back in Miami and ready to get some things rolling again. My trip to NY and DC was fantastic and could not have asked for more. I got to see some old friends, some school friends, and some blogger friends {old and new}.

I want to send a huge hug to Dawn {The Alternative Wife} for those delicious cocktails and honest conversation; to Tamra {Ever Swoon} for becoming my new blogger friend; and to Brandi {Not Your Average Ordinary} for a great road trip. You girls made my trip so much special!

The image above is one of the very few I took during the trip and thought it was very special because it's about the buildings being built at the World Trade Center site. As the reach up to the sky and reflect their surroundings, they are also symbols of hope, recovery and the resilience of the human spirit.

Finally, I want to send the best of love to my beautiful sister {Anabel the designer at Fournier} who's an inspiration in my life and one of the best partners in crime I could ask for.

There are no links today because I have to catch up with so much stuff that choosing the best news of the week is a huge task... Instead, I ask you to please check out all the other blogs I've mentioned today and delight on the talent of all these amazing ladies!

Have a lovely weekend!