Monday, June 11, 2012

Fully Supported

One of my biggest pet peeves is ill fitting clothes and a bra that does not fit you well not only looks bad but is also bad for you. Over the past few years I find myself having a harder time finding the right fit for me... so I decided for today to give everyone a little guide to find the best "support" that you can find out there.

Did you know that nearly 85% of women are wearing a bra that doesn't fit them well? That is amazing but I have to admit I've been guilty of that at times. One of the most common complaints. The solution is making sure that it doesn't ride up your back and it stays low and leveled across your body.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there is the problem of spillage. If your cup size is too small then you get too have a sort of division line that shows under your clothes. Some women buy smaller bras because they believe they will help them get more cleavage which can turn out to be uncomfortable and unflattering.

If you're one of those that suffers from gapping {a gap between you and the cup} try going one number down and one cup up... For example: if you are generally a 34A try a 32 either B or C, this way you'll compensate for the change in your regular size.

For a little more info on finding the right size check out this link which will help you measure yourself as well as giving you a few tips... Just remember, the right fit will make everything else look good!

Have a great day!