Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Lower Half

A while ago I used to work with this lady who used to wear really tight pants that revealed too much and as much as you tried you could not look away. This is definitely another one of my most terrifying pet peeves.

Women today are very lucky that the undergarment industry has come a long way and we are not limited to granny panties anymore. In the same way you should be supported by the best bra technology available... your assets should be too!

When wearing thin and light fabrics that cling to your body go for thongs that have no seams on the front as they will show through the fabric. Also, make sure you're wearing your true size so it doesn't squeeze your hips, that way you avoid the dreaded "muffin top" line which can ruin a cute dress.

There are many alternatives to thongs for those who find them uncomfortable {which some of them can really be!}. When buyong these alternate pieces the thing to remember is that they don't have hard edges that show a visible line or tight elastic bands that would look like they are cutting the blood flow to your legs.

A piece of good news is that all the new mommies have options too {no babies here but I did some research about it!}. The best advice I found is that the money you'll be saving on inexpensive maternity clothes, from let's say Target, you should spend it on a few comfortable pairs of undies because during these times comfort is of the essence.

One last thing before I go... Ladies, remember boys sometimes suffer from a similar fashion ailment! Make sure your man is sporting a look that is more David Beckham and less the plumber that stopped by last week.

Have a great and good looking day!