Monday, June 25, 2012

Painting It Pretty

Last week I got an email from someone who asked me something about painting the walls in her house based on a tip i gave on last Monday's post. Based on that and some comments on that same post I thought it would be nice to give you a few tips I've learned over time dealing with interior design projects.

When selecting a paint color for any space get a paint chip or sample of the paints you would like to use and bring them with you. Tape the sample on the wall of the space your planning to paint and see it during the morning, afternoon and night to make sure you like the way it really looks there. If available buy a small sampl jar of the paintto make this color test.

Clean the walls to be painted with a degreaser and let them dry for a day. In the meantime, repair any imperfections with sackling paste {let dry for a day as well}, take off any light switch and electrical outlet plates {store them in a bag so you don't lose them}, and tape where the wall meet the ceiling and baseboards.

Select a brush that helps you with small hard to reach areas {like corners} and a roller that is right for your type of wall {smooth or texture} that way you not only get the best finish but also you can save a lot on paint.

Start by painting the hard to reach areas for the roller like corners, top and bottom of the walls. Later, paint the rest of the wall in a top to bottom motion that way it look evenly finished. Remember to work in a room well venilated even if you buy eco-friendly paints.

Matte pint is best used in areas of low of no traffic as this is te finish that gets dirty the fastest. Eggshells and satin have a little luster and are the best choice for general wall areas because they are easy to clean and also hide wall imperfections. Semi-glossy and glossy paints are best used in bathrooms, kitchens and baseboards.

Have a great day!