Monday, July 30, 2012

Grandma's Chair

Last week I told you about these 2 chairs I'll be looking to restore and today I will be introducing you to one of them, her history and what's going to happen to her.

This chair was part of a full set of chairs and glider that used to be at my grandmother's old house since the 1950's. When my grandmother sold her house I asked my mom {I was already living in Miami} to please rescue the remaining chair from that set and save it for me because I wanted to restore it.

The next step is to locate a paintshop that can help me with the task of restoring it... Ideally, it would be a car repair place that can do all the work. I case I can only find someone to paint it professionally, I'll have to get working on cleaning it, striping the old paint {hate using those liquids!}, and prime it.

The idea is for the chair to look like the ones in the image above. I'm still deciding on what colors I'm going to use but most definitely I will use two, and probably I would like to keep it pastel to make keep the vintage look. What colors do you think I should use? Any suggestions?

Have a great day... July is almost over!