Thursday, July 19, 2012

High Line Views

I have not been to the High Line in a while and this time I decided to revisit the place to see how much it has changed since I was there last.

One of the things that called out my attention the most was how much the surrounding environment of the park has adapted to the park itself. This was reflected on the many features created by the neighboring buildings that add an extra fun element to the view from the park to the outside.

Art installation have sprung all over the place making the park not just an oasis full of nature but also a sort of museum on its own. You can sit anywhere in the park and wherever you look into there is an architecturally interesting building, an artistic wall, or some sculpture that has a voice of its own.

Most of the buildings built lately along the path of the High Line are mostly residential and they have become a big part of the landscape with their modern structures and interesting architectural features. I can only imaging the great view these apartments have as they look over the park.

For more info on the High Line click HERE!
Have a great day and enjoy a nice walk outside!