Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Memorial

On my last trip to NY a good friend got me a great rate at a hotel in downtown that was located right next to the World Trade Center site. Even though I had been in that area on previous trips I have never been this close and with direct view of the site. This proximity of course made it mandatory for me to go and visit the site and see the memorial.

If you go make sure you get the free pass required to enter, you can get them online or by stopping by the visitor center. And so I did, at 2pm I made my way there and went through the many security layers and images of everywhere of that day.

The site opens up into a park surrounded by a fence covering the multiple construction works being done around it as well as the imposing glass towers rising slowly into the New York skyline. 

The pools or fountains that are part of the memorial are imposing and the sounds the water makes are it falls into the center makes you feel a bit more at ease with the general vibe you get from being there. The walls that surround them are made of black stone and one them are engraved the names of all the people lost on 9/11 and on the 1993 terrorist attempt.

Near the center of the park you can find what they call the "Survivor Tree" {see photo above}. The story of this tree is truly remarkable as it was found as a stump amongst the debris of the towers from where it was transferred to a park somewhere in the city. In 2010 the tree almost died as a consequence of severe flooding in the city but it survived. Finally, it was brought back to its original site to remind us about survival and resilience.

I look forward to come back to see the progress and the final product of the work of all these people who are making this place not just the perfect example of what recovery is but also a place of remembrance.

Have a great day!