Thursday, July 26, 2012

London State of Mind

I'm sure we all are... the opening ceremony of the Olympics is just a few hours away and I'm sure we all are looking forward to see our national teams do their best to get that prized gold medal. I'm also looking forward to see the images a friend of mine will be posting of all he's going to see there... Lucky B@#$%@!!!

Do you know what sports you'll be setting your DVR for? In my case no doubt the swimming competition {always exciting!}, fencing {find it very elegant!}, archery {sort of heroic}, and all those gymnastics because those super flexible girls amaze me.

Are you going to London? Are you already there? Tomorrow's ceremony promises to be great {aren't they all?} with a pre-show at 8pm GMT and the actual event happening one hour later. Costa Rica has only one gold medal in the women's swimming category and this year there are a couple of athletes that have a big change of getting a medal... sending my best vibes to them!

I read a post about this girl who was not excited about the Olympics... I love sporting events like this one because you get to see truly passionate people excel at sports, countries come together in a neutral ground to compete fair and square, and it's one of the rare occasions in which people are rewarded in public for a job well done.

Have a nice one and go get ready!