Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Music To My Ears

Music is on all the time wherever I am because it makes me happy as I move at the rhythm of whatever I'm listening to. As a kid I wanted to learn how to play an instrument but for one reason or another I never did, but learned to have a deep respect for those who make it.

Unfortunately, the recession has had many consequences on the world of music and several programs all over have seen a cut in their funding. Music programs are one of the best ways to keep kids in school and away from trouble {gangs, drugs, boredom!} as they cultivate a passion for something they can do themselves as well as the discipline to succeed in life.

Other music sources that have been affected are public music stations because they receive most of their money from governments {and we all know what's going on there}.

You wonder how can you help to keep the music going? By supporting music programs in your area either by donations or attending functions given by public radio, philharmonic orchestras, music schools, museums, and the like {you get the picture!}... Remember that many musicians you like today were supported by someone like you at some point in their careers.

Finally, I got to see this guy at an event I worked at and was completely amazed by him, because he builds his own musical instruments and the one on this video is a hard that is built using the actual structure of buildings. If you are in the US you might have seen him on AGT and know what I'm talking about.

Have a great day and enjoy the music!