Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As I get settled there are a few projects that have been waiting for me to work in for a while and they are mostly rescuing a couple of pieces of furniture that need some urgent TLC. Both of them are chairs that I will be putting in my bedroom: one next to the phone table {I have still my old Miami land line!} and one for my desk. So, I made a list of what a remodel project should include that can be applied to mostly any project big and small.

The first and most important thing you need to determine is your budget. No project can be done without a budget because you don't want to get excited about something you can't afford... You don't want to plan a party with champagne when all you can afford is beer {how about this analogy!}

Once you have determined your budget then comes the time frame you have to get things done. If this is flexible I highly recommend setting a deadline this way you can adapt you lifestyle as needed. If your project is a small one like my "chair renovation" one a time frame or deadline are very flexible and can be met very easily. On bigger projects, always give yourself some extra time as you are highly dependent on other people's labor.

Interview is the key word when hiring outside labor, services or contractors for that special project. Best is if you can find a friend who can recommend you a good person to do the project or if you live in a place where you can find online reviews make sure to do the proper research. If none of the above are available, hardware and supplies stores are usually a good resource to find the person you need.

Put everything in writing and never rely on conversations that are not followed by at least an email confirmation. If you drop something off somewhere... get a receipt. If you agree on a deadline with someone... get it in writing! This types of documents can save you a lot of money and avoid tons of headaches... Believe me!

Have a great day!