Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Cool Town

It's been 7 years since many of us had to live through Katrina. Us who lived in Florida did much better than those in Louisiana, we could relate to what they went through. Today, I dedicate this post to those who live in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi... I hope the storm doesn't cause too much damage to you and please stay safe!

I visited New Orleans back in 2003 and have not been back but I do have to say its one of those places where you have to go at least once in your lifetime... It has a funky vibe that no other city I've been to has and the food is amazing!

Images by Hope from Hope in High Heels... Great friend to have by the way!

I shamelessly admit that I've never made it to the Southern US states even though I lived for so many years so close to them. But I do have to say that I met people from that part of the country, including Alabama, and they are so nice and charming and the perfect example of Southern hospitality.

This part of the country has been hardly hit not just by Katrina but also by the oil spill a few years ago. The difference between both of them is that one was mother nature teaching us how strong she is and the other man's idiocy showing us what we are doing to mother nature.

I wish everyone who could be affected by the hurricane the best of lucks and please be safe!