Monday, August 27, 2012

PM Masters: LMM Styling

The other day I was reading a fabulous blog called Belles and Rebelles by Megan and found out that she is part of a great trio of a New York based personal styling consultants called LMM Styling... and instantly contacted them for an interview. I introduce you to Megan, Melissa and Lisa.

How did you get started in your career? 

Megan: All three of us have been in the Fashion Industry so it only made sense to get together and collaborate. I have been working as a fashion stylist through various outlets. I work at a world renowned vintage styling boutique as well as freelance as a Fashion Editor for Futurclaw Magazine. Beyond that, I founded and keep up a fashion blog, Belles&Rebelles. 

Melissa: I began as a receptionist at Ralph Lauren.I worked my way up and now work in marketing there.

Lisa: I have always been in menswear. I think it started with me going to the mall when I was younger and always wanting to buy the new menswear items I saw and liked for my brothers. Everything just fell into place.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Megan: NYC is a CONSTANT source of inspiration. Living here has enabled me to look around wherever and whenever. Everyone has their own style, and there is always something to notice and learn from each person's unique style. Blogs are also a great outlet for keeping up with trends and learning new styles and new ways to wear things! The internet has enabled us to have access to interesting and creative people from all over the world! 

Melissa: The streets of NYC, The pages of vogue, Marie Claire, W, GQ, Details just to name a few... 

Lisa: Every man I see walking down the street and of course menswear magazines and blogs such as
The Style Blogger.

Photo by me... NY inspires me too!
Where do you work and how do you get organized around it?

Megan: Depends on the job.... 

Melissa: NYC - its organized chaos :)

Lisa: No office. I travel to meet clients wherever is convenient for them.
Which is your favorite type of client to work with? Who would you like to work with in the future?

Megan: My favorite clients are always the people with open minds who aren't scared to try new things. Without trying, say, a new style, you'll never know if it really does or really doesn't work for you. I would like to just build a solid clientele! I would work with anyone who wants to work with us!

Melissa: Athletes, men in finance.. For future I would like to work with Actors, musicians and continue to build clientele

Lisa: I can’t say there is a favorite type. Each guy is different and has a different style and personality. Whether he is an athlete or a businessman- they are all amazing clients. I don’t like to label them by their profession or style.

 Photo Shoot for the band For The Foxes. Photographer: Peter Curti. 

What other profession you would like to have besides yours?

Megan: I LOVE fashion and couldn't really imagine myself in any other profession. I love everything I do. 

Melissa: I love fashion but always had a dream to be an actress or I could see myself owning or managing a flower boutique

Lisa: Besides being a Stylist I don’t know what I would be doing. Probably something completely different like forensics. It has always interested me for some reason.

What are you listening to these days?

Megan: Everything! Whatever sounds good and whatever I'm in the mood for!

Melissa: Rihanna, Katy perry, drake, jay z, Florence and the machine...

Lisa: My music is different day to day depending on my mood. I can always listen to Motown though since I’m from around Detroit. Besides that you can’t go wrong with Tom Petty, The Who or Rolling Stones.

Band: For The Foxes

When you travel what are the essential items you take with you?

Megan: My phone, a toothbrush, a hairbrush, and comfortable shoes.

Melissa: My iPhone, I'm all about skin care so a really good moisturizer, a great pair of heels I can pair with any outfit, comfortable flats, nail polish - my nails always need to be done!

Lisa: My phone and bathing suit!

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Megan: Too hard to choose! I LOVE traveling and have been all over the world to many beautiful places. I want to see as much of the world as possible, so trying to not go to the same place over and over. Phuket, Thailand was pretty amazing...As was Dubai! I'm headed to Portugal in the fall, so maybe that will rank up there too!

Melissa: Anywhere in Italy! I have a lot of family there!

Lisa: As long as I’m traveling and seeing new things and places I’m happy!

Professional Boxer Terry Southerland. Photographer: Peter Curti

What is the best style advice you can give someone? Business advice?

Megan: In business, styling, and in life, always be yourself! Wear what YOU are most comfortable in! Have fun, don't take anything too seriously. Enjoy life and what you're doing or don't do it! You always excel the most at the things you like. Think ahead, and never accept "No" as an answer. You can do anything you put your mind to!

Melissa: Keep it simple, don't over accessorize. Don't leave the house unless you feel completely confident in your look! I have found that Networking and building strong relationships can really help u get to that next level in your career

Lisa: Style advice is always undo the bottom button on a suit jacket. Business advice- as cliché as it sounds, never give up and always stay positive.

Photo Shoot with Photograper Peter Curti and Model Brian Averbuch

What does the future hold for your business? Any plans? 

Megan: We are getting ready to launch in the fall! Right now it's all about working hard and a LOT of hustling! With an event and some really exciting projects coming up, you will have to stay tuned!

 Melissa: We are planning and event this fall to help promote our company and reach a larger audience, mainly focused on athletes right now but hoping to reach a larger audience and build more clientele

Lisa: You never know the future when you are a Stylist. Things change day to day. That’s what makes it so exciting though! As of now, build up clientele and keep them happy!

Thank you girls... hope to see you next time I'm in NY and see how you work your magic!


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