Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Cyclades

This summer season I've been doing nothing but dreaming of paradise locations {see HERE and HERE} where I'd like to go and get lost from the whole world. Today my mind is drifting all the way to the island of Sifnos.

The island is part of the Cyclades which are about 220 and located on the Aegean Sea, south-east of mainland Greece. Along with it you can find Santorini, Mykonos and its big sister island, Naxos. The island is considered to be of medium size and counts with 2,442 inhabitants making it the perfect secluded vacation destination.

The only way to get to the island is  by boat coming from any of the surrounding islands. The main villages in the island are Apollonia and Artemones, and it is believed these names came from the temples of Apollo and his sister-goddess Artemisa where today you can find 2 of the 227 churches spread all over the island.

Apollonia - Image Credit

Even though the island is small it has a wide variety of beaches that go from white sand to pebbles to rocky coasts. The interesting thing about the beaches here is that the village where they are located from little bays that create a beautiful landscape.

The island has abundant olives trees that spread across the hilly terrain, and the villages are built with stones paved street and white cubed houses decorated with bright colored bougainvilleas and blue details. 

On top of all the amazing things the island has, the weather is ideal most of the year with mild winters and warm summers.

Have a great wanderlusting day!