Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer's Island

For years now, every summer I see dream like images of Formentera, the smaller and southern most of the Balearic Islands. I've seen images of beautiful summer houses, white sanded beaches, and crystalline blue waters. Silly enough {and quite uneducated} I always thought it was an Italian island and when I realized how wrong I was I looked a little bit more into it.

The island is one of those vacation destinations that has successfully been able to be not just a tourism spot but also a sustainable place to go to. The island is unique in so many ways beginning with the fact that it is rare to find an island in the Mediterranean that has white sand beaches all around, also it is surrounded by a posidonia {a type of sea plant} that cleans and filters the water naturally.

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The island can only be accessed by boat from Ibiza and because of its user friendly size visitors are more into exploring the island on mopeds and bicycles than they do in cars {they are widely available!}. Besides that the island has a large infrastructure that encourages people to use bikes.

The island was declared world heritage by UNESCO in 1999 and for the past few years has been gaining a lot of popularity especially  by the European jet set who are looking for an alternative to the party environment in Ibiza.

Once again sorry if your productivity hours are interrupted by this post, but you'll be happier after a little wanderlust... I know I am!

Have a great day!