Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Corporate Life

It's official... as of next Monday I will be back in the corporate world! I finalized today my negotiations and interviews for a new position with a hospitality company with great plans of growth that fit my plans perfectly. Now, the challenge will be to fit this jeans and sneakers wearing girl into business mode and attire {thank God its hospitality!}.

I've never really been the one to wear suits because I've never been to in love with the shape of traditional suit jackets. Instead I've always gone for separates in classic colors that I can mix and match... after all I'm supposed to be a designer! The end result is always a very versatile wardrobe without needing too many pieces, just the right ones.

Very importantly is to always be the perfect combination of feminine, professional and stylish. If you shoot for those three you can be sure the men and women will feel more comfortable dealing with you. The key is never to look vulgar by wearing a skirt that is too short, a blouse with too much cleavage, or a dress that is too tight.

If your wardrobe is made up of classic and basic pieces add some pizazz with bold accessories like big brooches, belts in different widths, and killer shoes that make event the simplest outfit spectacular. Avoid over sized jewelry especially on the earring department and opt for pearls, simple hoops, and keep your bracelets to a minimum amount... you don't want to end up looking like the fortune tall gipsy at the fair.

Bright colors are always best paired with complimentary colors {colors at the opposite side of the color wheel} or neutral colors. This way you can be as playful/adventurous as you want keeping that professional image that makes people want to give you their business or hire you for that much coveted position.

For a while now I've been avoiding the all black look that many designers have seen to adopt... it sort of makes me feel like ready for a funeral. Work days are long and a more colorful outfit could be the best ingredients to brighten it, even in winter.

Have a great day and have some fun at the office!