Monday, August 6, 2012

Infused Oils

One of those great things essential in every restaurant kitchen is infused oils. Chefs use them to add flavor to a dish before sending out to the floor but they also use for decoration like is the case of that basil flavored oil swirl on the tomato soup you had on last Saturday's night dinner.

If you plan to make your own oils there are a few things you need to know. You can use almost any type of oil but the most commonly used are canola oil, it has a neutral flavor allowing only the aromatics to show; or olive oil, it has added strength and is enhanced by whatever herbs or spices you add to it.

For safety measures make sure the container where you are putting your oils is not only clean but completely dry as water can harbor bacteria that can spoil the oil. If you are using fresh herbs or garlic place your oil in the refrigerator because the water in them changes the ph of the oil, and this spoils it in no time or grow bacteria.

Some recipes call for you to heat the oil in the oven {see recipe HERE} and other to do it on the stove. My personal favorite is on the stove because it can control the process much better and enjoy the smell of the oils as they start to adsorb their new flavors {stove top recipes HERE, HERE and HERE}.

These types of oils are perfect for dipping bread so on your next party you can have an array of different oils for your guests to taste, or you can just simple use it {like a real chef does} to add flavor before you serve a salad or any type of meat. One last thing, don't use these to cook, saute or fry as they become bitter with extreme heat.

Have a great day!