Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Color Mark: Pepper Hues

Ii'm not a fan of peppers and always had an aversion for their taste and smell. But, I do love their colors that range from deep reds and reds to all shades of green. I find it amazing the colors that you can find at the fruit and veggies section of the super market, it's all about arranging the produce by colors, types and sizes.

Pantone Color Matches from left to right: 378 C, 440 C, 7404 C, DS 76-1 C, 426 C

I took this photo , as you can tell, when I went to Eataly with my sister last year. I was attracted by the color layering of the peppers with other veggies like the eggplants on the back. I don't know if I see these colors on an interior environment... Actually I see them used in some type of promotional advertising or even a fashion collection.

Have a colorful day!