Thursday, September 6, 2012

Skin Care

When you live in a place where it's very humid and it rains a lot {like Costa Rica and Miami} you become very neurotic about the care of anything leather, be it shoes, bags, jackets or furniture.

If your leather piece gets wet carefully dry it and don't rub it because you can change the whole structure of the skin. Instead rub it dry applying light pressure to absorb all the water and moisture.

The same concept applies to your shoes. In order to prevent water {or snow} damage buy a protective spray that and apply it to your shoes, especially if you are dealing with suede which is highly absorbent. This will also protect them from any moisture absorbed by being in your closet.

Leather tends to get dry even in humid weather {be extra careful in dry places like LA}, so rub something moist on it like a leather dressing or cream. Make sure to look for something that matches the color of your piece, if not go for a neutral cream or preferably something recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid liquid shoes polish as it tends to dry out the leather.

Avoid stretching the leather because it loses its shapes but never regains it. If you cary too much stuff in your bag throw out stuff out of there, if you have a leather piece hanging on your closet lay it flat or use a hanger that doesn't change it's shape, and if you abuse of your shoes they will certainly give in.

Have a great day and take care of your other skin!