Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crème Brûlée

I love it! It's one of those desserts that you have to order whenever you see it on the menu... plus I've always loved the little torch!

It's a simple dessert that can be made with the original recipe or you can add flavors like chocolate, passion fruits, liquors, rosemary, nuts, and many more.

If you plan to make it for a dinner party, you're in luck because they can be made in advance and then you burn the sugar on the top in front of your guests for dramatic effects. You can also make the caramel discs in advance in case pyrotechnics are not your thing.

My advice is to make them individually in the little ramekins or you can make a version of it the Spanish way {as in Crema Catalana} and use small cast iron skillets. The idea of making them individually is that you can be confident that they are fully cooked, be creative with the presentation and control the portions.

Have a delicious day!