Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A French Town

As summer starts winding down in the northern hemisphere so does people who are retuning back to their normal post-summer-vacation lives. Just like them my travel dreams have started to move away from the beach and a little bit more inland

Aix-en Provence is the capital of Provence and its located in the Provence-Alps-Cote d'Azur region. It was founded in 123 BC and it was not until the 12th century that became famous when it became a center of art and learning, under the houses of Aragon and Anjou.

The weather is quite perfect with mild winters and warm summer... it just never gets too cold or hot! This makes the city an ideal place for musicians, painters and writers to make it their home. The Granet Museum {named after a painter born here}, houses major works of art from Cezzane, van Dyck, Degas, Renoir, Monet, and many more including paintings, drawings and sculpture.

The city boasts with tree lined streets, 17th and 18th century mansions, restaurants with Provencal and modern cuisine, and events almost year round. I'd say it's the perfect place to go to in between the beach vacation and going back to reality.

Have a great day!