Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear September

Here you are letting us know that the long Summer is over and that Fall is just around the corner. You come with warm days and cooler nights along with a cool breeze and pretty clothes. Days start shrinking and night become a little longer.

I greet you with open arms as you are my month. You bring me a time to celebrate and enjoy with those I love. You bring me gifts, parties, and hopefully a trip or two.

Also, you will start bringing to others the end of the Winter and the beginning of Spring. For them life begins with you as it starts to show the first signs of coming back to brighten everyone's days,

To all of you out there who want to be part of my September, the month of my birthday. For the third year in a row bloggers from all over the world are sending me postcards to celebrate my birthday. If you would like to be part of it and be featured on the blog EMAIL me for my address... To see postcards from previous years click HERE, HERE and HERE .

Have a great September and Labor Day in the US!!!