Monday, October 15, 2012

Old Town

I had not been to Panama uin like 15 years and I have to say I was surpirsed at how much it has changed. The city has gone from a small town to a growing city, full of tall buildings, shopping centers, tourists from all over, and massive developments.

Contrasting all that new modern buildings, there is a part called Casco Viejo or Old Town. For many years it was not a safe area, crippled by crime and poverty, but today things are changing here. I was told that about 12 years ago, singer Ruben Blades bought a house there and so the rediscovery of this neighborhood began.

Today, there are bars and restaurants that cater to the locals and tourists, embassies, hotels, and many government buildings. You can walk around and find beautiful colonial architecture, which is being renovated and preserved by a new generation who appreciates their past.

Of course, there is much to be done in here. Buildings suffered many years of neglect, but I was told by my cab driver {a great source of info}, that the government gave a deadline to all property owners here to finish their work by 2014. All this, while they build new roads and infrastructure to bring this town back to life. Come back tomorrow for more images of my trip!

Have a gret day... Me, I'll enjoy of a holiday over here!