Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Buildings

As I showed you yesterday, Casco Viejo in Panamá ys the old part of town that is been brought back to life. Some of the most beautiful buildings {like in many Latin countries} are always the churches and goverment buildings.

Curches in colonial times, were the center of social life in countries predominantly catholic. For that reason, the buildings are impressive, ornate and located in front of a plaza where people gathered. There are many churches in Casco Viejo, some of them are still functioning today and others are being restored.

There are two that are a must see. One has an altar that is completely covered in gold, but unfortunately they don't keep it open unless there is a service for obvious reasons. And the other one is the one that is in ruins but is famous because of it's architecture and internal space that features a big semi-flat arch that expands almost the whole length of the building.

 Buildings that have been restored feature beautiful colors that highlight their architectural features. The thing that call out for you attention is the incedible contrast of renovated and weel taken care of buildings, against those that are deteriorated and in ruins.

This building intrigued me a lot and I could tell that major work is being done inside. It made me daydream about what fate has in store for it. I hope it is a nice hotel that brings a lot of life to the plaza located in front of it... I can even imagine what the interior design would be like!

Have a great day... I'm back to worj today!