Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Colorful Town

There are towns that make you smile because they're so bright and one of those is Riomaggiore in Italy. This town is one of the Cinque Terre and has a shoreline on the Mediterranean's Gulf of Genoa.

It is connected to the other town by trails, and its mountainside and water have become national parks because of their beauty. The building colors are taken from the colors of the rainbow and create a stunning contrast with the beautiful turquoise waters of the sea.

This beautiful town dates back to the 13th century when people arrived here looking for milder weather to grown vines and olives trees. To move around the only way is by foot offering incredible layered views of the town and its surroundings.

Riomaggiore is famours for its wine called Schiacchetrá, which is a blend of Bosco, Fermentino and Albarola grapes. It is a sweet white wine with scents of apricot and acacia honey. The food is typical of te Cinque Terre towns, where fresh fish and seafood make up the majority of the dishes.

Enjoy your day!