Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beautiful and Tasty

A couple of years ago, I participated at an event where we had this delicious sald that featured edible flowers as one of its ingredients. I remember how beautiful the bright colors of the flowers looked against the many shades of the baby greens.

There are many uses for edible flowers. Some can be used in jellies like roses, other can be eaten cooked or stuffed like artichokes or zucchiny blossoms, and can be steeped to make tea as in the case of chamomile or jasmine.

When buying flowers for consumption, make sure they have not been sprayed with chemical, but if you suspect they have been exposed to anything, use a vegetable and fruit wash that get rid off any harmful chemicals. Fresh food or specialty markets sell them fresh on the fruit isle and the dried ones at the spice isle.

Eat only the petals and remove the pistilc and the white tip some of the have {roses and carnations}.The flowers of many herbs are edible as well and have a very similar taste as the hers but its milder.

If the flowers youa re using have somewhat of a bitter flavor, use them in dishes and deserts where their flavor compliments the dish {chocory, chrysanthemum}. In the case of those that have an strong aroma and taste, are better used in deserts and drinks so they become the main attraction {roses, lavender}.

Have a beautiful day!