Monday, November 12, 2012

Danish Duo

When I was in design school one of my teachers used to say that a good designer is good in any design field, which in the case of Hvass and Hannibal it is true.

This Danish duo, composed by designers Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal, has been working with different media since 2006 for clients like Ralph Lauren, Random House Group and Asos, amongst many others. Their work ranges from digital media to colorful graphics, photographics installations and costumes.

These two designers and artists met at a young age and after graduating from design school they decided that it was better to be a duo than to work alone... they preety much joined forces! Since then they have been busy designing brand identities for famous bands, stages for for conferences and concerts, a textile collection for Marimeko and exhibits at famouse galleries all over the world.

There's something great about finding people you can connect and work with... and later find success with. Designers like them have learned not to be conditioned by conventional standards, design limitations and always go beyond the boundaries of imagination.

Have a great and creative day!