Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My grandmother was a great cook or at least an adventurous one and every year she started testing her eggnog recipes or as it is called here Rompope.

She never wrote it down, it was more of an empirical process of finding the right combination of ingredients based on a loose idea of quantities. Sometimes, she would toast the cinnamon and grate it on the ingredients. Other times, she would just add it to the milk and let it just simmer until the flavor was fully incorporated.

Today, I love that traditional recipes have reached new ways to stay current and the eggnog has found other versions to be part of the holiday table, like in cupcakes, custards and even fudge.

It is believed that the drink dates back to the Middle Ages and was a very popular drink amongst the higher classes. Before it made it across the pond and rum was integrated into it, people used to mix the dairy mix with cognac, Madeira or sherry {this gives me some ideas!}

Versions of the similar drink are found around the world like the Ponche de Crema in Venezuela, Coquito in Puerto Rico, Advocaat in the Netherlands, Cola de mono in Chile, Biblie con Pisco in Peru, and Biersuppe in Germany. Do you know of any other versions of the drink? Do you have your own recipe?

Have a great day!