Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Prep

Yes, the more we deny it the more it becomes a reality... The holidays are just around the corner and we better get ready for them. This weekend was one of checking the Christmas lights, unpacking the ornaments and making room for the Christmas tree.

If you're planning to go and buy a real tree, make sure it is fresh a recently cut, do this by checking that it looks bright and the smell is quite strong. Also, you can shake it a bit and if the needles start falling that means it's not fresh.

When you go out to buy your tree, check out which charities and associations are having their annual sale. By buying your tree from them you are helping their cause. Also, these people usually buy their trees from certified farms and growers.

If you are into eco-friendly options, look for planted trees that can last for a couple of years, fake ones that can be used for many many years {I used mine for 12 years before taking it to recycle}, or  maybe lots of little trees that make up for a big one. There are many alternatives and substitutes that are just as beautiful and festive.

Have a great start of the week!